Large Two-Tone Guitar Case


Large Two-Tone Guitar Case

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Reverend’s premium two tone large case. This case can be used with the models below.

Longest W 15″ Longest H 46.5″

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Reverend premium two tone guitar case by TKL. This case can be used with the models below.

Club King

Stu D. Baker

Dub King


Tricky Gomez

Unknown Hinson



Manta Ray


Kyle Shutt


6 reviews for Large Two-Tone Guitar Case

  1. Jere Tooley

    beautiful case. But when trying to close the right hand (body) side of the case, I have to compress the Bigsby quite a bit. It seems like it is putting unnecessary stress on the lid and hinges. This will eventually wear a hole in the lid over time. I spoke with someone at Reverend and they said this is normal, but I just don’t see how that can be right. Maybe there is something wrong with the Bigsby, but it looks good as well. .

    • zachary

      Hello Jere,

      There is padding on the top and bottom which allows some movement. Our cases are made to be snug so the guitar has minimal movement. At our headquarters, we move the Bigsby arm clock wise to the 7 o’clock position.

      Zak Ward

  2. Ric

    Thanks for the answer Zak, I was concerned as well when I got the case for my Tricky Gomez. Construction is top notch and I have always liked the tuxedo look.

  3. Doug Kazantzis

    I had the same concern about the Bigsby (Club King) but the case will compress the whammy and lower the string tension on the neck, so that makes me feel better about it. I love my Club King!

  4. Tommy

    Will this fit the Billy Corgan?

    • Ken Haas

      Tommy – the Standard teardrop case is made for the Corgan model – the large teardrop is for our semi-hollows. Thanks!

  5. Alex P (verified owner)

    Great build quality and superb looks! Picked one up for my Club King 290 (w/ Bigsby) that coincidently matches the black with white trim. Also fits securely in the case (adjusted the Bigsby to 7 o’clock as mentioned by Zak).

  6. Gwen (verified owner)

    I bought it for a “Sensei HB with Le Bigbsy “(Purple Flame Maple) at destination for France (as of 28/february)…Is it good ? …Otherwise you change it to the standard . Thank you !

    • Zak Ward

      Our guitars ship with the “Soft touch spring” as well as the stock bigsby spring. Give them both a try and see for your self!!

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