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  1. I have a beautiful Gretsch 6120 with gold hardware. I need your soft touch spring in gold. I already have your spring on my other Gretsch and love it, but l won’t mix colors. Do you offer it in gold? I know I’m not alone in wanting a gold one. Thank you

    1. At the moment we don’t have plans on doing a gold version. However, I will bring it back up to the team. Thank you

  2. I recently bought by first Reverend,a double agent og, in metallic Alpine. What a great guitar I’m truly blown away. I registered the guitar on your site but I can’t seem to create an account. I also ordered some picks from the store and , without a account,can’t check on the order. I’m registered on the forum page. Any help would be great.

    1. When you register your guitar, that info goes into our data base. We don’t have user accounts, at least as of now. Thank you for your support!!

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